Sunny saturday site visit - Kempshott Lane, Basingstoke

Photographs of completed 5-bedroom property in Basingstoke by Digey Ltd,

The house is a fairly typical detached dwelling set on a steeply sloping site, there were a number of planning and technical issues to overcome. The planning was secured by a local architect who prepared the most basic level of information (not even including a site survey) - this led to a number of problems and disagreements with the planners regarding the building level, driveway design, access and height/position of the rear terrace. As a result, Digey engaged us to prepare the technical drawings for building control approval and also to redesign the building and prepare the site information to discharge the conditions.

The property has been built to an exceptionally high standard and broken the ceiling price for the road - selling for £680k. The first (of no doubt many) developments for the company.

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